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  • Domaine Rohrer, AOC Alsace 'Esch Hab Di Garn' (Orange)... $52

    Alsace, France

    White flowers, pear, quince and sweet spice, with slight notes of smokiness and a bright texture driven palate

  • Antonio Camillo ‘Procanico’ Orange... $48

    Tuscany, Italy

    notes of burnt orange rind, white flowers, bug spray, apricot, and ginger root

  • La Dive Orange... $34

    Friuli, Italy

    A nose of gasoline, Florida oranges, being in Miami Beach with sunscreen in a thong, and subtle white flower notes. Has a palate of unsweetened dark chocolate with sea salt and burnt orange rind.

  • La Dive Rosé... $35

    Russian River Valley, CA

    limestone, pavement, and unripe strawberry but has a minimal intervention texture and unique flavors like organic make-up and fermented vegetables

  • jp. bourgeois Freak of Nature Rosé ... $46

    La Mancha, Spain

    The ‘freak of nature’ also prides itself on its unfiltered-ness (new word) and says “shake” all over the bottle. Chill it, shake it like a polaroid picture (thank you Outkast), and enjoy the notes of strawberry yogurt, beach blanket, grapefruit and a fruity and playful finish making this the perfect rosé to replace a meal with in a pinch!


  • Jacob Martin Syrah... $45

    Carpenter Hill, Oregon

    lean and delicate while still having a classic nose of Rainier cherry, white and black pepper, pig skin, baseball glove, and a hint of eucalyptus in the finish

  • Sean Best Revealed Syrah... $52

    Santa Ynez Valley, California

    Blue fruit, slightly spicy, tree clippings, vanilla bean, with a velvety and yet meaty finish. This wine coats your tongue like a sexy secret. If you're looking for something that resembles a full bodied California or Washington Syrah, this one is for you!

  • La Dive 'El Dorado' Mourvèdre ... $40

    Russian River Valley, CA

    Blueberry, tree bark, cracked pepper, and a hint of bubble gum with a dry finish

  • Jacob Martin Zinfandel... $48

    Applegate Valley, Oregon

    This rustic and slightly spicy zinfandel is sexy with notes of unripe raspberry, peppered beef jerky, and winter citrus. This is a great wine to pair with food!

  • Convivial Wines Tempranillo ... $48

    Willamette Valley, Oregon

    There’s a lot going in this wine but it displays ripe red fruit, river mud, leather and cracked pink pepper for starters! It also has a lightly gripping and bossy finish that begs for food!

  • GC Grochau cellars gamay noir ... $58

    Willamette Valley, oregon

    This beautiful and delicate gamay filled my senses with dusty country road, prickly pear, and dried clay with a light and airy but slightly game-y finish.

  • McKinlay Pinot Noir Estate Reserve ... $55

    Willamette Valley, Oregon

    classic Pinot Noir characteristics like ripe plum, warming fall spices, kumquat skin, fall leaves, and a bright mountain road finish

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