bottle list

skin contact

  • 2022 Swick ‘The Flood’ (skin contact/orange)... $46

    WIllamette Valley, Oregon

    This is a skin-contact blend of vineyards in OR and WA, named after the Missoula Floods that shaped the Columbia Gorge and Willamette Valley 10 million years ago. It’s also absolutely delicious with a nose of mango, lobster mushroom, lilies, fruit cup, and a tart orange peel finish.

  • 2021 Domaine de la combe ‘Zeste’ (skin contact/orange) ... $48

    Loire Valley, France

    This elegant orange wine is like George Clooney, it's traditional and timeless at the same time. Speaking of hot men, the winemaker makes me want skin contact from more than just the grapes! He’s in his early 30’s and claims his passion is to “experiment and push boundaries” and I say “don’t threaten me with a good time”! Now that we’ve addressed the important things, let’s talk about the wine. This yummy and intoxicating French gem is juicy, full, and ripe with notes of melon, apple, honeyed citrus, anise, and roasted almond.

  • La Dive Orange... $34

    Friuli, Italy

    A nose of gasoline, Florida oranges, being in Miami Beach with sunscreen in a thong, and subtle white flower notes. Has a palate of unsweetened dark chocolate with sea salt and burnt orange rind.

  • La Dive Rosé... $35

    vacqueyras, france

    Light and bright with notes of wet sidewalk after a spring rain, unripe strawberry, crushed sea shells and a hint of salinity. Think of it as "springtime flavored water" with the important addition of alcohol!

  • jp. bourgeois Freak of Nature Rosé ... $46

    La Mancha, Spain

    The ‘freak of nature’ also prides itself on its unfiltered-ness (new word) and says “shake” all over the bottle. Chill it, shake it like a polaroid picture (thank you Outkast), and enjoy the notes of strawberry yogurt, beach blanket, grapefruit and a fruity and playful finish making this the perfect rosé to replace a meal with in a pinch!


  • RAM Cellars Malbec ... $50

    Columbia Valley, Wa

    Vivian is committed not only to making exceptional minimal-intervention wines, but also to human rights and diversity in our industry. As a trans woman, she is vocal about LGBTQ rights but also chooses to employ a variety of Queer folks for her close knit team. If that isn’t enough, she also purchases much of her grapes from one of the US’s few (there’s not enough!) black-owned vineyards, Canyon's Gate Vineyard in Washington. Did I mention the wine is great?! Well it is! With notes of with notes of raspberries, black licorice, marmalade, and warm spice- clove with a slight spicy palate that has bright live tannins that aren’t too grippy.

  • Sean Best Revealed Syrah... $42

    Santa Ynez Valley, California

    Blue fruit, slightly spicy, tree clippings, vanilla bean, with a velvety and yet meaty finish. This wine coats your tongue like a sexy secret. If you're looking for something that resembles a full bodied California or Washington Syrah, this one is for you!

  • Vino de la sierra de gredos ‘4mono’ GR-10... $48

    Castilla y León, Spain

    4 Monos means “4 monkeys” and refers to four friends and lovers of wine native to the region of Madrid. This “gang of four” randomly met while hiking in the Gredos mountains and decided to make natural wine together. The GR-10 is named after the walking trail they met on which is one of the famous walking trails of the Iberian Peninsula, linking Lisbon to Valencia. While this story makes me want to go hiking in Europe, this wine makes me want to have a delicious meal with an old lover while we enjoy sensual flirtation and stuff ourselves (with food) to ignore the sexual tension. This delicious red has aromas of black licorice, strawberry, plum, bubble gum, with a gripping dry palate with hints of cedar.

  • Jacob Martin Zinfandel... $48

    Applegate Valley, Oregon

    This rustic and slightly spicy zinfandel is sexy with notes of unripe raspberry, peppered beef jerky, and winter citrus. This is a great wine to pair with food!

  • Thibault Liger Belair 'Les Deux Terres' ... $65

    Bourgogne, France

    Wow! If you want to get fancy AF with this pinot noir and gamay blend then this bad ass wine is for YOU! It's classic in style but still very naturally made with care that comes through when you open it. With notes of limestone, dirty/unwashed mushrooms, strawberry, and wet tree bark with a clean light finish this wine will impress the most bougie of your friends, lovers, and frenemies!

  • Cutter Cascadia Ashes to Ashes Dolcetto ... $47

    Columbia Gorge AVA, Oregon

    The nose of this versatile and very special red wine has notes of crushed coco nib, dried cherry, plum, a hint of paint for huffing with a savory, bright and tobacco-y palate. Pop the cork and blab it up with your besties!

  • Domaine A. Berthet- Rayne Le Nichoin a Mesange... $38

    Cotes du Rhone, France

    It’s your opportunity to be in Rhòne place at the Rhòne time! (I love puns!) This Grenache dominant red blend is absolutely delicious with notes of bark chips, ripe blue berries, leather belt, and clove cigarette before you light it… it’s fruity and bright with lots of earth notes for balance. This wine is like your hot professor when you studied abroad in France- it’s French, it’s traditional, and it’s a little bossy/full of itself but it’s a lot hotter than the basic b***hes back home! I would describe this wine as both rustic and sophisticated at the same time!

  • Domaine Saint- Cyr 'La Galoche' ... $40

    Beaujolais, France

    According to the winery “La Galoche is named after a small stream that runs by the property”. La Galoche means both protruding chin or clog in French, which kind of makes me want to see this stream. I also feel a little guilty because I don’t name any of the small streams I encounter in my neighborhood. Maybe in France they’re into naming everything? Well, I can tell you for sure that the French are VERY into making wine and it shows! This beautiful light bodied red is the epitome of wine from the beaujolais region. We all know how versatile Gamay is, in general, and this elegant bottle is no exception with notes of cracked white pepper, dust, nectarine, and a hint of papaya.